Tree Services

Tree Surgery

Alpha Rural Services Ltd is a fully insured business offering a range of arboricultural services to its customers. We aim to undertake a professional approach to all aspects of tree work, from private client jobs to subcontracting and commercial contracts, and carry out all works to the highest possible standards. Staff are NPTC and City & Guilds trained in all areas of work offered.

Alpha Rural Services Ltd is proud to be an approved arboricultural contractor for Ipswich County Council.

We strive to offer you the best advice possible, taking a keen interest in developments within the arboricultural and horticultural worlds.

Services offered include:

  • Felling, either clear fell or sectional dismantle: includes the full removal of a tree down to ground level, giving your property more light and perhaps better access.
  • Reductions/crown shaping: involves the selective reduction of a tree’s canopy, to reduce either height or overall spread. Where a tree cannot be removed for legal reasons, or is just too big for the space it occupies, this is often the preferred course of action.
  • Pollarding: involves removing a percentage of the crown of a semi-mature tree. This is often seen in old Oaks and London Planes lining town streets, and can promote a longer life for mature trees. The new growth can then be managed on a more regular cycle.
  • Coppicing: some trees, such as hazel and sweet chestnut, lend themselves well to coppicing, and will shoot from the stump again. This is a common woodland management technique but it can have benefits in your garden too.
  • Crown lifting: includes removal of low or low-hanging branches from a tree in order to provide better clearance from buildings, gardens, vehicles and pedestrians. It can greatly benefit poor grass areas that have been shaded by foliage from the tree.
  • Crown thinning: involves the selective removal of branches in the canopy to thin denser areas and reduce wind resistance.
  • Deadwooding: includes removing dead wood from the canopy, either to leave a more aesthetic tree or to make it safer for people and property below.
  • Crown cleaning: going one step further than just deadwooding, this includes the removal of poorly attached, dead, dying, and/or diseased wood and branches from the canopy of a tree.
  • Stump grinding: mechanical removal of stumps and surface roots left after felling a tree, to allow the space to be used again!
  • Wood chipping: using our tractor-mounted woodchipper, we can chip your unwanted waste into usable mulch.
  • Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and Conservation Area planning: we can submit planning applications to the relevant council authorities, as required by law, to request permission to work on trees affected by TPOs or falling within a Conservation Area.

Alpha Rural Services Ltd also have the facilities to install Ecoplug MAX plugs into felled tree stumps to aid in the safe, environmentally-friendly decaying of stumps and roots that are not being removed by mechanical means.

Hedge Maintenance

Whether you need regular or annual hedge cutting and shrub trimming, Alpha Rural Services Ltd provides a professional service to meet your requirements. We can reduce, prune and tidy, or even remove your hedges, depending on your needs and your garden’s aesthetics.

If you decide to replace an old hedge with a newer one, speak to us about our planting service.


If you are looking to establish a new tree or hedgerow in your garden, we can supply and plant a range of sizes and species to get you on your way. Removing old hedges to make way for the new one can also be done!

When looking to plant a new tree or hedgerow, certain aspects need to be considered:

  • Soil type
  • Space
  • Purpose
  • Garden design
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Suitability

We would recommend that newly planted hedges have formative pruning for the first 2 years. Thereafter, maintenance trimming follows once a year for informal hedges and two to three times a year for a more structured formal hedge. This will help keep your hedges compact and dense.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a site visit.


Alpha Rural Services Ltd supplies our own barn-stored and seasoned, hardwood firewood available for delivery to your home. We serve the mid-Suffolk area, but are happy to discuss deliveries if you live further afield. An additional stacking service is also available.

Firewood Splitting

We use a heavy-duty tractor-mounted splitter, and have yet to find a piece of wood it can’t handle. We can offer a service splitting your own supply of wood if it is a bit too much for an axe to cope with!

For more examples of our work, please visit our Tree Services album.