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Paddock Maintenance

Alpha Rural Services Ltd offers paddock maintenance for meadows and larger grass areas. We have a 40hp Kubota tractor and a variety of tools to tackle jobs!

We also have front-end loader bucket and muck grab attachments for our tractor, and a 2.25t hydraulic tipping trailer. With these exceptionally useful bits of equipment, we can provide soil/aggregate levelling and moving.

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Grass cutting/topping

Often a paddock is left unattended or spends an amount of time during the year without any grazing stock, and this can lead to an excess of grass. If you need it brought back in check, we currently provide these options:

  • A grass topping service with a 6′ wide, height-adjustable finishing mower. This is also perfect for any larger areas of open grass, such as village playing fields or large private gardens where leaving a consistent and pleasing finish is necessary.
  • A flail mower for rougher areas of grass, brambles etc, with cutters designed to really knock down the overgrowth! Areas of dense growth can often be flailed a few times to try and return them to grass, then run over with a finishing mower to turn them back into lush grassland.
  • A drum mower, designed for cutting through thick swards of long grass, such as wildflower meadows, and grass designated for hay.

As most equine and livestock owners will know, ground becomes highly uneven and poached over the course of the winter season. Smoothing the ground with our heavy-duty roller will ensure better and safer footing for your horses, and also make the whole area look that bit nicer!


Harrowing a paddock allows us to pull out the dead grass and level molehills! This is effectively a large-scale version of garden scarification, and is highly beneficial prior to rolling a paddock.

Rotavating and stone burying

Using our rear-mounted tractor rotavator, we can break up rougher areas of ground, ready for levelling and turfing/seeding.

We also have a dedicated stone burier, designed to push stones deeper into the soil and cover them with the finer topsoil. A crumbler bar on the rear then creates a nice, even bed ready for seeding.

Hedge cutting

We have a tractor-mounted finger bar hedge cutter, capable of reaching 3.5m high, so where access allows, we can tackle those taller hedges you want trimmed back.


As well as domestic fencing job, we are more than happy to help you with your livestock fencing. This would typically be either post and rail, or strained wire stock fencing for sheep, etc, but a specification and design will always be made to match your needs and requirements.