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If you need a new fence or have an existing one that needs repairing, we can take care of that for you.

We install (please click an item below for more details).

Featheredge (closeboard)

Wooden posts and gravel boards, or concrete posts and gravel boards, with featheredge boards of various widths and heights.

Closeboard, larch lap and decorative panels

Mounted on wooden or concrete posts, with optional gravel boards. Available in a variety of heights (and styles for decorative panels).

Woven panels/hurdles

Willow, hazel or Norfolk Reed sections of various heights.


Evenly spaced individual timber pales on two backing rails, either in pre-built rectangular sections or custom-made to fit the lie of the land.

Post and rail

Traditional post and rail fencing with one to four rails.

Woven steel fencing

Steel woven fencing, such as Steelscapes, built on-site.

Wire mesh

Chicken wire, rabbit wire or square weldmesh in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

Gates (standard and field) and gateposts

Garden and field gates, with appropriately sized gateposts. Can be made from hardwood or softwood, made-to-measure of off-the-shelf.

Stock fence (with or without rails)

Traditional stock wire fencing on wooden posts.

We work with our customers on each and every job to identify the best solution for their needs, whether it be timber vs concrete posts/gravel boards, panels vs featheredge, or something innovative for a tricky site!