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Grounds Maintenance

We offer a range of services and are able to tailor a package to suit your needs.

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Grass cutting and strimming

We offer a regular maintenance cut tailored to your lawn’s needs, and one-off grass cutting services. We range from cutting smaller garden areas (or where access is restricted) using self-driven rotary and ride lawnmowers, to larger areas with our ride-on mowers.

For even larger areas we can use our 40hp Kubota tractor with a 6′ finishing mower, 4′ flail topper or drum mower designed for long grass, hay and wild flower meadows.

We also provide strimming, brushcutting and weed control services for areas of your garden that have gotten away from you!


Scarification, aeration and harrowing

We offer mechanical scarification for lawns, which encourages new growth for an improved lawn. Mechanical scarification using our powered unit will provide the best results, allowing us to remove large amounts of dead material and moss from the soil without causing excessive damage to the turf.

Scarification is typically carried out in early spring or late autumn, to remove moss and thatch ahead of the main moss germination time. Scarification of the soil surface is also beneficial, allowing aeration of the surface layer to promote growth and nutrient uptake.

Over time, soil can become compacted. This inhibits air flow in the ground, can cause poor drainage, and often results in poorer root development for your grass. Aeration is the process of mechanically spiking or slitting the ground to allow it to “breathe”, and allows the grass to perform better below the surface.


Applying fertiliser at the correct times of year will promote strong root growth, and create a thicker, greener sward.

Weed and moss control

A good weed control strategy, often through the use of a chemical spray, can be of huge benefit to a lawn by reducing the grass’ competition for nutrition.


Sometimes you do not need to go to the full extent of replacing a lawn with new turf. It may be that overseeding areas of your lawn can help establish a new sward.

Turfing and seeding

Sometimes a lawn is either beyond a cost-effective repair, or a customer may just want to start afresh with new turf. We would look to identify your requirements (such as grass type and project budget), then clean and prepare the site, and finally supply and lay the new turf.

It will not always be necessary to re-lay a lawn; sometimes, simply sowing new grass seed over bare or poor areas of lawn will help it recover. You will not see results as quickly as laying new turf, but it is often a cheaper option!

Hedge cutting

We cut and maintain a large variety of hedges, large to small. Please see our hedging services page for more information.


We install many types of domestic fencing. Please see our fencing services page for more details!


We can plant new hedging where necessary, to replace dead/dying plants or to extend an existing run.

Site clearance

We work with our customers to identify their best requirements regarding lawn care. For many it is just a case of keeping the grass in check; for a growing number of customers, the promotion of healthy lawns through fertilisation, weed/moss control and thatch removal, is becoming more important. We can provide a comprehensive solution tailored to your own needs, applied throughout the year. Speak to us about our offerings!